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We’re turning one!

On this day one year ago Lumen Media came into existence from passion, to thought to action so many people worked to bring this company to life. Their love and care that went into this is inspiring, and I feel blessed to say the least.

So, we decided the best way to celebrate would be to exhibit at the Texas Nonprofit Summit today and tomorrow! Greenlights for Nonprofit Success and OneStar Foundation bring together over 700 industry professionals to learn, grow and find solutions for their nonprofits. With over 25 sessions, several keynote speakers and networking snack breaks our community is bound to come out of the summit with flourish ideas put into action to transfer our communities. Well, that’s Lumen Media’s plan anyhow.

Our booth was hand-made with love and care to showcase our creativity. It includes fun info graphics, drawing notepad, markers, hats and a photobooth. Our photobooth is the main attraction actually. We deeply want to connect with our community and have fun while doing it. So, after soaking up valuable information like a sponge in a session, nonprofit professionals can mosy down to the Lumen booth and be a little silly for a good cause. The prize of the photobooth is a free video production to tell the story of their nonprofit. But first, the nonprofit professional must tell their own story using a notepad, markers and the hat that speaks to them. Nonprofit professionals are constantly wearing many “hats” in one day, and Lumen would like them to use one more: creativity.

We will be uploading photos throughout the day and the photo with the most Facebook likes at the end of the summit gets a free video. The album is located here for some serious fun. We will also be tracking, tagging and tweeting via #lumenmedia

Year 2 – moving forward

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I’m extremely excited to announce our new YouTube channel decision. What’s a better way to engage the community than what we’ve been preaching all along: strong visuals, a story and video!

Our YouTube Channel will consist of expert advice on storytelling. The videos will end up in your mailbox every week or two (if you sign up here) and engage you in the current topics, events and trends happening in our nonprofit community. Everything from DIY in-house video production (save costs on smaller videos) to interviews of industry professionals talking about storytelling strategy and their successes/failure with it. Our vision for this channel is to be a resource for the nonprofit community in our own backyard. So, please email me, comment below or shout it out on Facebook of what you would like to see or hear in these videos. What questions do you want answered? What solutions are you after?

This blog will feature small, impactful stories and links to some videos on the channel. Short and sweet, which is how we think copy should be.

On the horizon

Moving forward into 2014 Lumen will partner with Lights.Camera.Help’s in their Film Frenzy efforts. It’s top secret for now, but we will keep you in the loop as more of the story unfolds. We are truly excited to be a part of the team!

The Wobeon Music Festival is gaining momentum for their 2nd anniversary next Spring. They partner with nonprofits and bring Austin a world music festival, which was the first of it’s kind here last Spring. We are thrilled to be engaged in their fundraising efforts with video and plan to film the festival next Spring. To support them and get a taste of the “One Beat, One World” essence consider going to the Peace Concert on Sept. 20th at 6p.m. at Vuka. Lumen’s video led a successful crowdfunding campaign backed by several wonderful people, raising $10,120 of it’s $10,000 goal. That’s amazing!

And lastly, we hope to travel to India this Fall to capture the essence of this the Bhatti Mines Sschool educating over 300 children while keeping them out of child labor. Hopefully, with the footage and our vision, next spring we will launch a crowd funding campaign to raise $16,000 to covers all costs for the school to flourish for one year. We hope to sustain the school for one year so they can set up fundraising efforts for the future and have sustainable finances. So, I will be launching a crowd funding campaign starting Oct. 1st through Oct. 30th. I only say this to the nonprofit community because one of the higher incentives are a photo shoot, video production and sponsorship. So, consider donating to another nonprofit and benefitting in return. This is truly a win-win situation and benefits the whole.

My birthday wish: To light up Austin with love over this next year and connect with some truly amazing nonprofits.

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